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Monday, December 13, 2010

Into the Blue...

... yeah, I'm tweetin'. What of it bitch? If you want beef, follow me @DeDeT0401. I'll be waitin' for that ass.

But on a less hoodratish note, I have finally done something I said I would never do and joined the scores of Tweeters. Am I proud of it? Probably. I have decdicated an entire blog post to it after all. Do I plan on using Twitter's innocent functions for evil? Only time will tell. It has been my ill-plotted intent to impose my self on the world one venue at a time so this is but another rung in the ladder. Loyola. New Orelans. Facebook. Vox. Blogger. Now Twitter. Next stop... your face.

Which reminds me... all I want for Christmas is a webcam and a damn fancy one at that.

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