Podcast: Wailing On These Hoes

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Send in the Clowns

In the undertow of an ever-swelling tide of haphazard multiple murders, I can't help but wonder if the great American patriarchy is finally ready to admit that it is not people of color who present the most virulent threat to their "conflict-free" way of life. I don't know about them but it has been made quite apparent to me that it's their own damn kids who want them dead. Black and Latino Americans are far too busy trying to keep up with the Joneses or keep a damn job to kick up dust with the white man these days and people of color in foreign lands are helplessly preoccupied with their own wavrs to focus any effort on dismantling the foundations of "American freedom." Yet... with little to worry about outside of where their next electronic device is coming from, white people between the ages of 18 and 34 have nothing but time to terrorize their country in every possible venue. As white folk of all classes sit in front of their televisions, wringing their hands in dread of what black and brown folk may do to cause their quiet lives unrest, their misunderstood offspring are in the next room quietly plotting their demise. Of course when it goes down there's plenty of shock and outcry. Nobody ever sees it coming then somehow very suddenly everybody should have. First the young executioners are vilified for their unwarranted heinous acts, then mourned as poor unfortunate souls who didn't get a fair shake in this apathetic society of ours that ignored their woeful cries for help. Regardless of all the assertions, at the end of the day the main question on my mind is: what the hell were the parents doing or NOT doing to make their worst nightmares our collective reality? Have they left all the dirty work of parenting to white privilege thinking that this alone would steer the little ones in the right directions or are they reluctant to allow their kids any real independence for fear that they may step TOO far out of line? Are white children appeased and sheltered to the point that they are driven mad by the banality of their lives or it the problem that these kids are enduring too much in silence while being made to put on the facade that everything is "just fine" to spare the family's public image? I mean, what's really good with America's ideal suburban nuclear family? While having virtually every resource at hand, y'all are damn near 100% slipping on the parenting tip and quite frankly the shit makes no sense.

Now I don't wanna say white folk aren't fit to parent BUT (pretty big "but" there) to make an honest observation, I think when black women made the career move from domestic labor to the public and private sectors, it left white families at a loss as far as what to do with their bad ass kids. We don't want those mutha fuckas back though so don't start getting any ideas. We have our own bad ass kids to deal with now. Black kids may be annoying as hell. They may be materialistic. They may even be pretentiously avant-garde social lemmings but at least they're not in the mall all willy-nilly popping caps. (If we don't reel them in soon though, they may not be far behind their Caucasian cohorts.) If there's anything this rash of matricide/patricide to mass homicide to suicide has made sense of, it's Hollywood's ardor for Tyler Perry and his "Madea" character. It gives white people relief to see an aged yet spirited black woman beating unruly kids with whatever she can get her hands on and brandishing firearms at them. Madea is a surrogate for the discipline white parents feel is too violent or socially unacceptable for them to perform on their own children. (Of course we Negroes are more than familiar with brutality, so naturally such castigation would do us very little psychological damage.) Even though I have already advised against it, I don't think it will be long before we see sassy black women being heavily recruited for top dollar as the must-have, nouveau, connotation-free Mammy who lays down the law with a firm hand, wisdom, unconditional love and a Beretta. Of course I'm 100% against it but who could argue with cold hard evidence? When black women used to raise white people's kids they became doctors, lawyers, statesmen and socialites. But white folks try to raise their own kids and they grow up to be spiteful, self-loathing, tuna-helper-eating sociopaths. I don't know about y'all but I'd rather not have to find out the hard way that the woman sitting next to me at work has a kid with a wacked out Oedipal complex and a chopper in his closet. If "Madea" is the solution, fuck it, yo...

Send in the clowns.