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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Disturbing Myths of Black Feminism

Disclaimer: All the "you"s mentioned in this text refers to the mutha fuckas who foolishly cling to stereotypes of black feminism and/or superficial definitions of black womanhood.

Once again I traveled down a social media rabbit hole to find good old chauvaism at the end of the darkened tunnel. Maybe I'm late to this particular idiot party. Maybe some of you follow the type of short-sighted, incomplete mutha fuckas who post this type of shit but I do not.
First of all... white women didn't indoctrinate black women with SHIT outside of an unrealistic European standard of beauty (but we're breaking those chains slowly but surely). Just in case you missed it, average undereducated citizen, let me enlighten you about this "black feminism" you dispariage so. The white woman's early (and modern) versions of feminism blatantly excluded black women's issues (much like the Black Power Movement which was focused more on black male liberation with black women as mere co-signers). Therefore black women had to carve out a SEPARATE movement which addressed the intersectional oppressions of class, race AND gender without us being forced to deny one disenfranchisement for the others. This movement was referred to as Womanism.
Point #2: Contrary to hilariously popular belief, the feminist/womanist movements have NEVER been about dismantling the family unit. I know when we start talking about "liberation from the outdated patriarchal constructs of society" and "equal rights" you basic mutha fuckas hear "death to men and the family" but that's not the aim. All we desire is equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity in the public and private sectors, equal protection of our civil/human rights, and ultimately the right to CHOOSE and not have choices made for us by nameless, faceless fuck asses who have no understanding of or regard for our individual needs.
Third of all when in the hell did black women "sell out" black men? This meme must have been made by a cat who's getting garnished for child support because not only is that a loaded statement but it sounds bitter as all fuck. Which leads me to address that "statistic" about single-parent households: do women more frequently abandon the home or men? Do you have that percentage pulled up mutha fucka? Of course you don't because your anger at black women has fueled your blind bias. Instead of really researching the FACTS, you would rather unfairly blame a group of people that you don't fully understand. Instead of taking responsibility for your own contributions to the fucked up society in which we live, you would rather throw a positive movement under the bus. So #BeForReal--who's selling out who?
(75% of the likes under this post were from female users! (You know I checked.) Are you broads self-loathing or just slow? I bet they're those "I don't trust no female" brainwashed birds who would gladly push her sister down in the dirt for the sake of pleasing a man. Ol incomplete asses...)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Is She a Whore Because....

Is she a whore because she appears to know that she is attractive? Is she a whore because she doesn't mind who sees that she is attractive? Is she a whore because your insecurity tells you that you could never have a woman that looks like her? Or because you could never be a woman who looks like her
? Is she a whore because she's standing in front of a bathroom missor instead of a kitchen range? Is she a whore because she doesn't bare any resemblance to the arcane ideal of a "decent" woman? Is she a whore because she flaunts her cleavage more boldly than her aesthetically vulnerable unmade face which she hides with a meticulously painted mask? Is she a whore because she obviously cares about your opinion of her since she went through the trouble of posting the picture where you could see it? And on the bottom half of this photo which is not shown, if her were garments equally or more revealing--could that make her a whore? Is this picture the only evidence you have that her Creator would cast such judgement upon her? Are you her Creator? If not has her Creator given you a blessing to speak on his behalf on the character of his child based on this ONE isolated image? Did her Creator also grant you his vision to see the intent of her mind or into the depths of her soul? Did he also bring you with him on his walk with her over the course of her life up to this date to know exactly what brought her to this moment captured by this photograph?

Regrettably men and women alike take pleasure in breaking a woman down to nothing in a public forum based on one image. An image often taken out of context. An image constructed with intentions unknown to the viewer. An image that represents a fraction of a second out of a human being's lifetime...

And I know some of these mutha fuckas down bad in real life but it's not our job to judge. If anything the Creator would rather we build each other up than waste time with petty deconstructions...


Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's a Wrap

So... Rihanna's AMA not-so-hairdo. You saw it. I heard about it. I performed an image search. Subsequently I formed an opinion. Upon first viewing of these photos with cute little blinged out, Bobbi pinned RiRi I said, "Bitch, you's a WHOLE mess. I guess you were on your way to the Valero to get a hot pickle and some pork rinds when you got a text from your manager telling you to get your black ass to the AMAs." Then I rejected that thought, hastily replaced it with another and probably gave Rihanna too much credit and invaluable time in the process... this would be what you are now reading. Even if she didn't intend for it to be or doesn't possess the wherwithal to grasp such an abstract notion, I think RiRi's wrap is mad womanist.

As you know, I wail against stupidity in general but I am most passionate about the way black women are portrayed in the media. Why? Because more than any means of communication, social and mass media shape the PERCEPTION of a culture and, through some kind of unholy osmosis, the culture itself. Lately black women have been run through the media wringer and just how the Colorado River tried to play the Grand Canyon we have been worn down and cut through by a seemingly unstoppable ancient force. Also eerily similar to this same wonder of nature, we are a glorious sight to behold in spite of our weathering. With this, the black woman's figurative social erosion in mind, I think it's beautiful that RiRi stepped out dressed to give these hoes HELL with face beat to the cosmos and her hair done in what is unanimously known to sistas as our "Dear God please don't let anybody see me as I make this midnight run to WalMart" maintenance style and was STILL a glamour beast. It just goes to show that even at our supposed "worst", fellow Negresses, we can still face those flashing lights with dignity and F.A.C.E. (Fierce Attitude and Confidence Effortless.)

I am also quite interested in the very creatively ignorant ways this non-hairstyle is being described/interpreted by our pigment bereft brethren. My favorite was "faux pixie crop". (Meanwhile on #BlackTwitter... broads are doubled-over in tears of laughter.) It just goes to show that even without understanding the most benign and fundamental components of our daily lives, non-blacks assume they just KNOW what makes us "us". Baby, you can't even BEGIN to dig it. Go 'head, Ri.

Miss Girl said "Fuck ya award show. Picture me rolling when I comb this down tomorrow morning."

Next thing you know Miley and crew will be trying to brush that lil piece of hair she got around the circumference of her skull with all kinds of Bobbi pins and clips and thangs. Good luck, ho.