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Thursday, July 28, 2011

On Being "The Help..."

Saw a preview this week for soon-to-be-released film "The Help."

Here are the reasons why I'm pissed:

1. This movie was adapted from a book that was a New York Times Bestseller. Why was it a bestseller? Most likely because it depicts the tale of some "groundbreaking" white woman who had the completely singular idea of taking a black woman's story and exploiting it to jump off her little career. Of course she learns a great deal about herself and realizes how blind she's been to the plights of her Colored sisters who clean up after her oblivious ass. Get the fuck outta here.

2. Here we are AGAIN reliving the timeworn tales of black women who had to endure in spite of all kinds of adversity (racism, oppression, economic hardship, the jaded white people they worked for, etc.) and some white woman found her to be fascinating because of the tenacity of her faith and the strength of her spirit and character. "Who could be that honest, morally sound and sane with so much pitted against her? Extraordinary." Again--get the fuck outta here.

3. Why is it that black women are STILL playing the VICTIMS in Hollywood? We either play static characters who never grow and merely wallow in the many inherent tragedies of black femaleness or we thrive on our own pain, turning it into triumph. Granted there's nothing wrong with telling EITHER of these tales but why in the hell do black women ALWAYS have to be in the hood, in a bad relationship or the racially torn old south for these stories to be worthy of a feature film? I'm not mad at Viola or Octavia. I'm sure they played those roles to the BONE with the resilience and courage that I expect of black women but I would imagine that they would desire recognition for their dynamism and versatility as well.

4. When the FUCK are we gonna get out of the damn kitchen?!?! When are we gonna ditch those domestic duds and those feather dusters? Come the FUCK on! In my opinion the sassy Southern black maid is one of the most tried roles there is. It's been DONE. I'm tired of Tyler Perry and I am tired of THIS.

5. The last movie with black protagonists that I saw advertised this much was "Madea's Big Happy Family." The FUCK y'all on, man??? 

6. Hollywood will never get tired of seeing black women "fighting." It's like they're undermining us while simultaneously putting us on this stereotypical pedestal. We can do something other than put on a jovial, well-adjusted front while racked with emotional, physical and spiritual pain but I know you people don't really care to consume us as anything else.

And I'm out this bitch...


  1. starts slow clap...this brought a tear to my eye mainly because it's true and these dummys won't stop supporting this shit

  2. Yeah, they eat this shit for breakfast and have it again with a lovely night cap. I truly believe that it comforts white America to see us this way. Like if it should go down in this muhfucka they know at least us black women will keep it goin.

  3. Never thought about it that way. I have no interest in the movie..actually read the book but wasn't impressed either.

    good blog.

  4. THANKS! I'm so glad you dug it.

    I read one chapter myself and that was enough for me to put it down and never pick it back up again. It kinda feels like books are going the way of today's music. It doesn't really have to be "good" as long as it has a catchy tune.