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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'll Admit It...

... sometimes I love Kanye West. I mean I really LOVE that man right now. "Why" is the question that some of you (who know of my teetering hatred for Kanye as he has spiraled further and further down into the chasm of utter nonsense) may be asking. Honestly, I love him most for his lack of regard for others. There is nothing more honorable than a black person who will unashamedly tread on the cultural balls of any and every white pop sensation he sees fit. This time, Kanye has decided that Lindsay Lohan was due for a bit his trademark scorn.


If you opted out of reading the article accessed by the link above (because you would rather have me eloquently regurgitate it for you) this is what you should know by now. Kanye decided that Lindsay Lohan (glorified crackhead and career problem child) and fashion are two things that mix about as well as Islamic terrorists and an air show in NYC. That's right... he compared Lindsay Lohan's fashion efforts to that of the September 11th attacks. Of course we know that Lohan is a prize to no one but don't be talkin' crazy bout the white man's 9/11!! Many say such a comparison crosses the line (even if it's about Lindsay) and Kanye will be sure to fall from graces again. (Highly unlikely if his much hyped upcoming album lives up to all its fanfare.) An article on Elle magazine's website  suggests that the Lohan patriarchs won't be far behind with a few stern words for young Master West but who really gives a fuck about what Dina and Mike have to say? Certainly not I. And to be quite honest about my own opinion... the line really did suck. From what I've read about Lohan's Ungaro debacle, the critics didn't have too many good things to say about it either, but please don't just follow the trend of what you're told. Make your own judgements about it:


Like what you saw? I don't claim to be a fashion genius or anything but I really did not see the creative vision of the line. It just looked like clothes to me. Nothing all that singular. Just a bunch of frocks traipsing to and fro on the runway.

Anyway... this isn't a blog about fashion so I'll avoid any further remarks on the subject. The point is people seem to get really touchy when a Negro of note decides to use anything "American" to rail on any Caucasian's actions (even if it is Lohan). It's simply in poor taste for someone to be so insensitive but all these conservative pundits can use whatever nationalist buzz words they like to make their points all the more "patriotic". Call Pres. Obama a "sleeper cell terrorist" but by all means don't compare a failed fashion line to their precious Sept. 11th. It's just plain offensive... and wholly un-American to boot. That means you Kanye and Barack and Oprah and all you other irresponsibly wealthy colored folks out there with an "opinion." Leave the true Americans to those kind of analogies and stick to MLK and the Civil Rights Movement. We'll let you have that.

To close, all I would ask of Kanye is that he would continue to be outlandish and dangerous in his criticisms of all the things he finds to be erroneous cause I'm right behind ya bruh. I got my own stones to lunge...

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