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Monday, April 11, 2011

Define "Peace"...

According to this article, http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42458525/ns/local_news-new_orleans_la/ The Institute for Economics and Peace has done precisely that, and while doing so, they have ranked the state of Louisiana as the LEAST peaceful state in America. Maine, conversely, has been named the MOST peaceful. Now, if you read the article (which I'm sure you didn't because nobody reads), you would know that the IEP released a study that was called the U.S. Peace Index in which they defined peace in terms of violence and the prevalence thereof. The criterion on which that assessment of violence was based included homicide rates, the number of people in jail and the availability of small arms.

Already I see how they might have come to the conclusion that Louisiana ain't all that peaceful. Half the men I've encountered in Louisiana have been in jail or are at least well on their way. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't read about a senseless murder or a domestic dispute turned murder-suicide and with headlines like that who wouldn't wanna be strapped out'chea? Personally, I'll clack at a bitch today if the climate of the situation permits. I believe per capita we have to be some the most violent muh'fuckas north of the equator BUT (and notice the size of that "but") Maine, bitch? REALLY?!? We have MANY more redeeming qualities in the state of Louisiana than any fuckin' Maine. Are we going for peaceful or just boring as an afternoon dump? Sure they may not have as many murder-suicides or homicides or ignit niggas, but they are lacking GREATLY in the area of suitable diversions.

What does one go to Maine for anyway? Peace? Quiet? Why the hell not? There's nothing else there. But people come to Louisiana (namely New Orleans) to be reckless and irresponsible because we have set a precedent of judgement-free, nonstop activity. Sure it ain't peaceful but it's fun like a mutha fucka. Also in the bottom five are Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and Nevada. I don't know about Alabama and Tennessee but Florida and Nevada are also quite famous for the level of diversion they provide to its inhabitants both native and tourist. I say this is a pattern. Just because we know how to have a good time and stay out past the National Curfew all of a sudden we're reckless. If that's the case then dammit I'm proud to be rowdy and unruly compared to all those other lame ass states who don't let their children have booze. (It's a party lil nigga! Have a beer to commemorate your 6th birthday!) I for one don't wanna live anywhere where I can't get a snowball, boudin and a daiquiri all at the same establishment. That would fuck with my peace. How could I enjoy the picturesque coasts of Maine without a crawfish boil and beer overflowing from my Solo cup? This would fuck with my sense of peace. How could I sleep at night without knowing there was a loaded .380 under my bed? This also would be in opposition to my sense of peace.

The moral of the story is, when it comes to studies Louisiana often ranks last or damn close to it. Literacy rates, infant mortality rates, murders per capita, and STD/HIV/AIDS cases but got dammit we don't define ourselves by the yardsticks calibrated by institutes and research facilities and universities. We define our quality of life by the way it feels to go to the French Quarter, spend only $20 and have the best day ever. We define it when we skip work to go hunting and fishing just because we would rather be killing an animal than punching a clock. We define it by going to Super Sunday or the Second Line or Bourbon during the Classic even though we may very well die for doing so. (Fuck it! I'm partyin', nigga!) We define it when we declare Good Friday a holiday worthy of closing schools an business because we intend to consume so much booze and crawfish with our families that we would be too tempted to just not show up anyway. We define it with impromptu excursions to the nearest body of water that turn into full blown extravaganzas because one person called somebody who called somebody else who called somebody else who had a BBQ pit and who had a set of dominoes and who had a deck of cards and who had the hookup at Budweiser and who had a couple fold out tables.

This is Louisiana livin' and mutha fucka THIS is peace.

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