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Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday Toast

I felt it... so I wrote it... and then there was light.

Here's to hoping that with continued diligence that the chances that I've lost will somehow be found. Here's to being confident and secure on any occasion and in any weather. Here's to having hope for all of life's blessings even though sometimes they seem far out of my reach. Here's to having true friends and better yet KNOWING full well exactly who those friends are. Here's to having faith in myself even when I receive messages of deception addressed from "The World" to tell me that I am nothing as good as anyone else who is truly worthy of being loved, of being happy... of having dreams come true. Here's to seeing to the very end all the wonderful and exciting things I've started. Not to prove anything to anyone else, but because I started them for a divine purpose higher than anything that I can explain, for they came about without any planning or calculation on my part. Here's to showing all of myself without shame and knowing that whatever it is that I have in me is something worth having and it's worth being shared with everyone I see. Here's to CLAIMING my talents, pursuing my dreams without shame or fears of failure and ridicule. Here's to going where I've never been, seeing what I never saw and doing what I never did. Here's to walking before I crawl. Here's to knowing myself, my mind, my talent, my passion, my singularity, my worth and my truth... without any doubts to hinder me.


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