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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is Dick Seriously That Hard to Come By?

(No pun intended with the title, by the by.)

According to this article, it can be inferred that as hard as it is out here for a pimp, the outlook is bleaker still for these hoes...


If you decided to skip right over the article link above, I'll just give you the tea myself. Some obviously desperate woman, in the midst of being charged with the task of literally deciding a man's fate, thought it would be a good idea to kick game to an officer of the court. One may reason to say that maybe the paticulars of the trial weren't all that compelling so homegirl was easily distracted. In this instance, however, I doubt that would be so. This trial, in which she's acting as a juror, involves the rape, torture and murder of a mother and her two daughters, ages 17 and 11, and whether or not to "fry" the man convicted of carrying out these acts. Maybe this is due to all the SVU I watch, but something tells me that the details being presented in the courtroom at any given moment would easily command one's attention.

Not only is this lady guilty of being desperate to the point of extreme selfishness, but she's also a damn fool. She thought she would be able to slip the court marshal a note undetected like she's in third fuckin' grade or somethin'. I wish I knew EXACTLY how old this brizzle was to be so hard up for a man. She must have been lonely for a LONG mutha fuckin time to try something this pitiful. Dick is indeed a powerful lure but JEEZ. It hardly trumps life and death... at least for human beings with some GOT-damned sense it doesn't.

The fact that this woman is clearly dumb as hell should automatically make her far too incompetent to be in such a grave position. If I was the defendant, I might wonder what else they have in that damn jurors box determining whether I should live or die. Granted he is guilty of some severely heinous acts so I gather this is merely Karma nipping at his balls right up to the end. (Honestly there's no way homeboy isn't gonna get the needle. A jury of monkeys would hang em... after throwing pile after pile of their own leavings at his face.) I think the judge (who made a public mockery of this woman's display) would have thrown her out of the court if it had not been for the fact that for this trial they have completely expired all six of their back-up jurors (of which she is one).

Judge Jon Blue sounds like an asshole of the highest quality and showed little reserve in berating this juror who was looking for love in all the wrong places. If only I could have been there to hear him wail on her. She created the ideal atmosphere for a true asshole to take full form. Because she committed an act of such outrageously simple proportions in a setting which she had no heft and Judge Blue had it all, she essentially gave a man with a semi-automatic a never-ending clip. Needless to say, I don't feel any sympathy whatsoever for her embarrassment.

I do feel for the court official though. All he did was go to his damn job and this broad had to come and make it even more regrettable. Sorry, bruh. I know it wasn't your fault. You walk in to that court room with your head held high and if you think ol' girl is fine, do her and don't call her back. She will have learned her lesson and you will have your recompense...

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