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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Broke Like a Mug...

Remember the Bolshevik Revolution? Of course you don't. You slept through that part of history class because WWI and all surrounding incidents were boring as all hell. But just so you know, this is the same kind of socio-political/economic distress that lead up to it.


I'm no economist but one thing I know for sure is that wealth in this country is looked upon more favorably than any other attribute one can attain. So much so, that people with little financial leeway to spare will throw money away on trifles to appear as though their market value is higher than what is true.They accrue unfathomable amounts of debt on credit cards, overdrawn checking accounts and payday loans just so they can live the way popular culture would dictate is sufficient. People today brag on their luxury vehicles, designer clothes and accessories, expensive food and beverage consumption, top-of-the-line electronics, their living arrangements, or any and everything else they think the next mutha fucka wishes he had. "You niggas could neva be up on this. Get ya weight straight then come see me lil nigga." Anything to outdo, huh?

Meanwhile, REAL rich folk are reaping all the benefits of such conspicuous consumption. In the article link above, the writer mentioned a warning made by former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan that cited the dangers of soaring executive pay. Those executives heading the major corporations who produce and drive consumerism are the only ones who accrue any true means of wealth. Their economic resources are ever growing yet we needlessly spend money that we may very well never see again for a fleeting sense of instant gratification. If that sounds backwards to you, that's because it is, yet there is little talk of revolution...

The struggle between the classes is ageless but social revolution has degenerated to the form a toothless, senile old man who rants and raves of his glory days; and in these modern times wars are fought more with money than with mere weaponry alone. Money controls and organizes the masses... the masses become armies... money provides the armies with weapons... with leverage. Makes me wonder what level of action the underclass really has at its disposal. While larger in number, their resources are still fewer. Also, I find that the underclass has grown complacent, resigned. A social/political/economic revolution of the magnitude necessary for this situation would require a fervor and vigor unlike this nation has ever experienced, but is it there to be had? If not the hungry throng will remain underfoot while the minority, heavy with avarice, stands on its back.

Still... one day the tide is bound to break the wall.

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