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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm a Homeless Blogger

It seems that my very first blog service provider (VOX via Six Apart) has decided to close it's doors, thus leaving me and many others sans a blog site. A knee jerk decision brought me here... to Blogger who (because of it being a subsidiary of sorts to Google) seems to have the stability I need to keep a blog going. So this entry is just a little something for me to get my feet wet here and establish some connection to my new found surroundings. Admittedly I will sorely miss the format Vox had to offer and my very well personalized blog site. (It was beautiful, really.) But beauty is not everything! Content is king when it comes to authorship and of this I gots plenty. I simply have to adjust to the plainness of this site by being more insidious and incendiary than usual.

You've just been warned. I don't know you well enough to read you... yet.

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