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Monday, September 19, 2011

This Is Bigger Than Ray J's Street Cred...

... even though he may not believe such a thing could occur in this life.

This post needs little introduction from me so I'll just let the world-class reporting team of (insert sarcasm here) MediaTakeOut.com  handle my lightweight.


As eloquent and masterful as that rendering might have been, I would like to take this opportunity to perhaps elaborate on some of the more intricate issues involved in this situation.

1. If Ray J was not so insecure, this altercation would have never even had a chance to transpire.

2. If Fabolous was not so easily goaded, he could have soundly put the ensuing conflict to rest while simultaneously proving that he was much more man than Ray J. Unfortunately he took the "I wish a nigga would" route instead and beat Ray J like a lazy, entitled, $5 hoe... and made MUCH change.

(LATE BREAKER: Fabolous claims to have NOT beat Ray J's ass... even though it would've been understandable. Hear his side of the story on Power 105.1 http://www.power1051fm.com/pages/onair/djclue.html?article=9131842 )

3. After talking that much shit and then not being able to back it up with ANY action whatsoever... Ray J deserved to get stripped of his worldly possessions. That's just part of the Unofficially Official G-Code (or rather "The Code of the Streets") which Ray J is now painfully familiar. This is the shit that happens to little boys who want to stomp around in big boy Timbs. Also, considering that his nuts also were stripped from his person, those "jewels" of his should have been the least of his worries.

4. So after being publicly humiliated for talking way out of turn, Ray J decides to take his circus of bumfuckery on the road to one of the most popular nationally syndicated radio programs in hip hop where he confirms exactly how insecure (i.e. "bitch made") he is by rambling on about NOTHING in his own defense. It is a widely known fact that a man who represents himself in front of a court of his peers surely has a fool for a client. Like it or not, Power 105.1 is a major branch of hip-hop culture's governing body. When you go on Power 105.1 with "your side of the story"... son, you officially on trial. Speak with CAUTION and CLARITY. Most of all you gotta come with SOME substance. Ray J came with "I got this and this and that. I know him and him and her." He was name-droppin' and collar-poppin' with nothing of merit to truly validate his claims of "gangstership." At first he had 7 Rolls outside. Then he had 6 Rolls and 2 Bentleys. He prattled on and on about "The money team," "My big homey Diddy," "I socked that nigga (Fab) in the face," "Tell [Fab] to send a picture of his face," "(Mayweather) That's my big brother. We grew up together." "Fabolous gone apologize" "I swear to God, [Fab] running from me right now." All this humbuggish bullshit yet nothing that would adequately affirm his masculinity. He brags about his famous "homies," his 20,000 sq. ft. home... NIGGA YOU AIN'T DOING AN INTERVIEW FOR BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS!!!!! What do all those worldly possessions have to do with the fact that you got knocked THE FUCK OUT?!? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Don't get me wrong though, there's no shame in having nice things. True, it makes you a puppet and a slave of the capitalist machine but if you want that and you got that good for you. What Ray J had to find out the hard way is that all those fancy toys and baubles and high-profile connects don't protect you from a well-deserved ass-whuppin. Ray J thought he was invincible and he got touched-up like some three-month old highlights.

Anyway, the only reason why I found this exercise in outright bumfuckery to be important enough for me to address is because it points to a common problem among black males today. Instead of feeling secure in their manhood based solely on the strength of their character, the contemporary, mainstream black man relies on brutish and ostentatious displays such as these. In regard to Fabolous, he could have just brushed Ray J off as the nut-jocking, spine bereft, cartoonish, pretentious R&B gangster that he is but instead gave in to his male ego that would not be deterred from proving itself to the onlookers who witnessed such a blatant affront to his cosmetic manhood. Do I really blame Fabolous for knocking lil dude out? Not really. In a similar situation, I might have done the same thing. That still doesn't justify his actions as "righteous." In regard to Ray J what is there that could NOT be said about his obvious lack of testicular fortitude? There is very little in this world that appears less masculine than a man who can't stop running his damn mouth even AFTER he's already been embarrassed for the same offense.

I'm not a man therefore I will not arrogantly claim to have the formula for what it means to be one. What I CAN say is that over the course of my life I have witnessed the actions of REAL MEN first-hand and those actions shaped my model of what a man should be. One thing that I've learned from these real men is nothing speaks more pointedly to genuine masculinity than inner strength, honor, control of one's speech and humility. When I see a MAN, I see a person who doesn't need to make grandiose claims or vulgar exhibitions to be certain that everyone in the room has a perpetual awareness of his dick. I see a person who is self-aware but not self-absorbed. I see a person who may have clout but has no need to flaunt it. I see a person who exudes pride but not hubris. This incident is tantamount to the corrosion and corruption of the archetype of manhood in the black male psyche. The black man (in a general mainstream sense) has devolved into a greedy, materialistic, anti-intellectual, dishonorable, disloyal, unfaithful, baby-making, self-destructive shell of a human being or rather a Europeanized version of the original black man which would undoubtedly be easier to for American capitalist society to manipulate...

But what do I know anyway? I'm just an uppity, militant, book-reading Negro who is lacking greatly in the area of social importance, i.e. A Hater. 

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